Trust. It's what businesses are built upon. Without trust an organization can not flourish. Without trust a team can crumble. Trust is the foundation of any working relationship. Can you trust the team you've chosen to build your life's work?


JSR Vetting Services is a background investigation firm specializing in reducing the risk involved with making hiring and investment decisions. Our boutique offering of worldwide public record research makes JSR Vetting Services the Gulf Coast's leading provider of background investigation solutions. 

Why JSR Vetting? There are dozens of "do-it-yourself" options for background checks on the web. The problem with doing it yourself, when it comes to background checks, is that there are many ways information can fall through the cracks. Many of these background check websites have no human involved in the search and are simply a computer algorithm that does a cursory search through a bare bones database. 

We have several types of background check offerings and we are also able to create custom background check solutions to designed to meet out customer's needs. JSR Vetting Services empowers the employer to make smart decisions in hiring processes. Our veteran-owned team has decades of experience in the industry, having handled thousands of investigations across the globe. Contact us today to learn more.